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EVOO Secolario Ordito

EVOO Secolario Ordito

$ 9.00

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ORDITO is a complex and harmonious oil that enhances the flavours and fragrances of the Cellina di Nardò and Ogliarola Salentina variety of olives. The olives are picked from centuries-old trees between the end of October and the beginning of November. 

Producing area: centuries-old trees of Terra d’Otranto. 

Olives picking: the olives are picked directly from the plant so as to preserve the aroma of fresh olives. 

Flavour: the flavour is full and lively of olive just squeezed. Medium fruity olive taste, with a particular almond aftertaste. 

Colour: the colour is gold-yellow with green hints. 

Recommended: It’s excellent with soups, risotto, crustaceans and molluscs, salad and vegetables. It’s also ideal used uncooked as a finishing touch for flavouring all dishes. 


Data related to 100 ml 

-Energy values: 3389 kJ / 824 kcal 

-Fats: 92 g 

- Saturates 14 g 

-Protein: 0,0 g 

-Carbohydrate: 0,0 g 

-Salt: 0,0 g 


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