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The Cazzetta Olive Oil Company is a family run business spanning 5 generations of olive growers, producing and bottling Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Superior Quality from local growers and our own plantations, 100% Apulian Olives. Thanks to our unique combination of generational experience, craftsmanship and modern techniques, we have become the first choice for Fine Restaurants, Chefs, Delis and Businesses across the world serving a very distinct, unique and flavourful olive oil. In addition to our glass bottle packaging, we also offer serving solutions for retail, foodservice and catering. These vary from bulk packaging to dark glass bottles. We are also happy to offer our olive oil in co-branded or private label packaging. If you’d like to find out more or have a questions, please contact us. Just give us a call, fill in the form or send an email to

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T: +1.416.453.5393

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