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Company and Olive Oil Mill

The olive culture has deep roots in the history passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. The Cazzetta family has an ancient history in cultivating olive trees going back at least five generations, it guarded its treasure comprising tradition and experience, an inestimable fortune that's been handed down with pride and dedication to the cultivation of olive trees and to the extraction of oil.

The activity of these establishments is based on the running of 300 hectares owned by the family, through the most suitable agronomic intervention and the continuous improvement of the farming and harvest techniques. The consequent processing and extraction of oil is made with new machinery which aims to preserve the same principles passed down through generations.

The overall management of the activity is structured on three different but interdependent levels, each highly specialized: the running, processing and marketing. This allows the firm to control the entire production.

The Cazzetta agricultural firm specialized in the direct management of their own olive-trees respecting both the environment and tradition.

The Cazzetta oil-mill specialized in oil processing from the home-produced olives.

Terra d'Otranto s.r.l. (limited company) specialized in the bottling and marketing of extra virgin olive oil.

"Innovation by Tradition" is the motto of Cazzetta!

The procedures are profoundly attached to the experience of the previous generations, in order to guarantee and preserve tradition, but with an eye open to innovative research in order to improve the quality of the product MADE IN ITALY. This link between old and new certainly ensures that new technologies and market trends don't completely replace the old traditions, which represent a very important resource both for culture and as a guarantee of quality.

Our care for the enviromnent is pursued by way of successful projects and procedures, all focused on sustainability and environmentally friendly architectures, energy saving processes and materials recycling policies and renewable energy plants are in place to improve the quality of our lives.