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Cazzetta Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cazzetta Gift Boxes

Cazzetta Gift Boxes

$ 137.00

Make a lasting impression with our gift boxes which include our Spontaneo Cazzetta Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our delicious spreads including Spicy Salento Paté, Black Olive Paté, Celline Olives and Framer's Vegetable Mix Paté all made with fresh ingredients preserved with our fine olive oil as per the Salento Territory tradition.

Add a personal touch, like a bottle of Prosecco or Carr Crackers, you decide how to compliment the box and make it unique.

Customize each box with "Personalized Sleeve Wrap". A great way to say thank you to customers for using your services. 

Quantity Discounts Available. Call us or email us for more information.

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