Timballo di patate, riso, zucchine e cozze

Timballo di patate, riso, zucchine e cozze

(Timbale of potatoes, rice, courgettes and mussels)

Ingredients (for 6 people)
1kg mussels
200g rice
500g courgettes
1kg  potatoes
A dozen cherry tomatoes
1 large onion
A large handful of freshly chopped parsley
CAZZETTA Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
A handful of breadcrumbs

Clean and scrape the mussels, making sure you pull out their beards and put them in a frying pan with a few leaves of parsley, a cherry tomato, a piece of garlic, some olive oil and a little white wine. Put on a high flame and cover. When the mussels are open (approx. 2-3 mins) drain off the liquid and save for later.

Slice the potatoes, courgettes and onions, halve the cherry tomatoes, finely chop the garlic and the parsley and soak and drain the rice. Using half of each of the ingredients, layer them in a flame proof casserole dish in the following order: sliced onion, a little oil, potatoes, courgettes, the best of the opened mussels, rice, tomatoes, pepper, garlic, chopped parsley, a little oil; repeat the layers finishing with the potatoes and lastly add the liquid that you drained from the mussels. If necessary add enough water so that it reaches half way up the oven dish.

Cover the casserole dish with a sheet of aluminium foil, place it on a moderate flame for about twenty minutes, sprinkle with some breadcrumbs and then transfer it to a pre-heated oven 200 ° for thirty minutes.

This recipe comes from "Il Gusto del Tacco" a wonderful book of Puglian recipes available in English, by Anna Maria Chirone Arnó.


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