Philosophy and Values

"Innovation by tradition" is the motto of Cazzetta company. This link between old and new certainly ensures that new technologies and market trends don't completely replace the old traditions, which represent a very important resource both for culture and as a guarantee of quality. On these values are "structured" and produced different high quality extra virgin olive oils with any characteristic.

The key to the Cazzetta philosophy lies in the concept of olive oil not only as a simple seasoning, but as a product with its own dignity, just as wine. The corporate quality and innovation through traditions is also maintained in the process of oil extraction and bottling: one day mill, cold pressing, low water consumption, bottling in a controlled atmosphere. The manufacturing process is fully controlled by traceable certified equipment to guarantee the highest quality for the consumer.

 "The olive mill is the holy place where the oil kept time with its slow surfacing. Fragrance are so powerful to bring back memories. When I was a little boy I remember my grandfather tasted that precious olive oil and I remember that my brothers and me watched his poetic and repetitive gestures, in silence. The millers were waiting anxiously for a retribution. Then, Grandpa's face lit up with pride and satisfaction and an indescribable joy pervaded people's thoughts. Feelings we may still feel when we see our precious olive oil and when we offer it to those who appreciate the unique taste through tradition" (R.Cazzetta)

The consumer has become increasingly familiar with high-quality extra-virgin olive oil. We study and evaluate the link with the territory and traditions which gives great addition to the cultural values of this product.

Our principles: olive trees valorization and high olive oil conservation with its multitude of health benefit.

Extra virgin olive oil, the Mediterranean diet queen and the food with values!