Apulia, land of sea and olive trees

"The soul of a territory tells traditions, cultures, civilizations over the centuries and it takes shape in secular olive tree of Salento. Dance of Life on the Earth: it is in this land in which people's history has its profound roots".

Salento is the most oriental region of Italy, a border land. It is the most ancient land of Apulia, as testified by interactions that took place in this ancestral land like Messapians, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Saracens and Spanish. It was called Terra d'Otranto. History, the soul of people, the lush Mediterranean vegetation, the artistic and enchanted landscapes, the naturalistic and cultural tours, leave irresistibly fascinated, tracing indelible marks in your heart. Menhir, Dolmen and monumental buildings scattered around the area, represent the testimony of a great prehistoric human civilization. Dry stone walls, made of extremely hard stones, surround the properties characterizing the entire area by a landscape called "stone garden". Many farms (masserie), some of which are still in excellent conditions, tell history and traditions of the rural world. Beautiful Baroque facades, frescoes and rosettes create an intimate connection between Earth and Heaven, capable of creating a profound sense of wonder and disbelief behind the artist's hand and the divine inspiration.



Salento is "land between the two seas", a huge garden populated by millions of olive trees constituting the richest and the most evocative place of the Mediterranean sea. Wonderful landscape in which Cazzetta company hand down with pride and dedication, valuing the health benefits of extravirgin olive oil.

Welcome to our olive-grove, let's discover our precious "Family Olive Oil"!