Frantoio Cazzetta promotes environmental sustainability

Frantoio Cazzetta promotes environmental sustainability

Frantoio Cazzetta 1899 is a sustainable and ethically correct company.
Unlike the more common linear economy models (raw material, production, distribution, consumption, waste) which put environmental resources to the test more and more, the Frantoio implements a circular economy model, according to which production waste becomes material previously reusable.

In fact, after the extraction of the precious Cazzetta Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the olive pomace undergoes further processing aimed at the production of pits, an important ecological fuel that powers boilers, fireplaces and bio-mass stoves.
The collected vegetation waters become a precious organic soil conditioner, capable of fertilizing and improving the physical characteristics of the soil.
The company is also equipped with an effective photovoltaic system that produces clean energy and contributes from a green perspective to minimizing the environmental impact.

Since 1899 Cazzetta has been committed to protecting the territory and, thanks to its values, it is synonymous with innovation, sustainability and quality.

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