A true Long Life Elixir

A true Long Life Elixir

Extra virgin olive oil has always been the prince of the Mediterranean diet.

It's fame is ancient and legendary and does not arise from a myth. Its roots anchored in the reality of a product with unparalleled characteristics and a unique process of its kind.

In fact, unlike other vegetable oils extracted from seeds also by means of chemical solvents, extra virgin olive oil is the only one obtained from the fruit of the olive tree, only with the use of mechanical means.

This feature means that the extracted olive juice is not a mere mixture of triglycerides, but a complex combination of vitamin molecules, antioxidants, a natural food source containing health-giving additives, which give the product its renowned health benefits and the celebrated organoleptic characteristics.

This is us with our artisanal Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

We present our products, the result of the work of entire generations.

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