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Cosmetic Oils and Beauty

Cosmetic Oils and Beauty

$ 133.00

Beauty Kit Bundle includes all the following products, which can also be  purchased individually.




It is the final result of a long research made on Aromatherapy and comes to be an important innovation since it reaches aromatherapy's benefits while sleeping!

To breath herbal active principles spread into an ambient helps greatly to fight most common sleep disorders and illnesses like poor breathing, joint pains, rheumatisms, muscle fatigue. It contains: Extra virgin Olive Oil (hydrolyzed), Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, Bitter Orange, Melissa.

Ingredients Properties:

EXTRAVIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Emollient, against free radicals • ALOE VERA: Emollient, anti-inflammatory • ORANGE (Sweet, Bitter): Aromatic, Analgesic • EUCALIPTUS: Stimulant, expectorant, balsamic • LAVENDER: Disinfectant, expectorant, analgesic • MELISSA: Analgesic, toning • MINT (Peppermint, Spearmint): Refreshing, balsamic • ROSEMARY: Antirheumatic, balsamic


Placed inside the pillow it slowly releases its fragrances while sleeping.  Once open it and releases its natural active principles in the air, releasing a gentle scent throughout your home.



Anti-age facial gel

This refined natural gel is made of Extra virgin Olive Oil only from Century olive Trees, Aloe Vera and botanical extracts. It contains precious natural agents which have the power to fight signs of fatigue and skin blemishes caused by aging. Its daily use makes the skin more elastic and firm, correcting the changes caused to the skin by ageing. Contains Aleuronic Acid, Wheat Germ Oil, Apricot Nut Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Allantois.


Surrounding eyes against wrinkles • On all expression lines to reduce them • Against facial skin irritation (coupe rose – skin dehydration) • After sun exposure, to moisturize the face skin • To revitalize the décolleté


Apply with a light massage around the eyes



Lip Balm

Developed for lip defense and beauty, combining Extra virgin Olive Oil only from Century Old Olive Trees and Aloe Vera extract. Thanks to the fundamental action of Propolis and to other natural ingredients this product is very much appreciated all year long.


• For lip defense against cold weather and wind • To revitalize dehydrated and wrinkled lips • Ideal to protect lips from harsh weather conditions


Apply on the lips with care. Repeat whenever you feel a need for extra protection.



Shower Gel

Balanced to softly cleanse the skin, this Shower Gel protects and preserves the skin during bathing and showering. It nicely scents the skin bringing freshness and wellness.


Extra virgin Olive Oil extracts from Secular Olive trees, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Lavandula leaf extract and hydrolyzed wheat proteins.


Anytime for the skin defense and moisturizing • For sensitive skins to avoid itch and redness • Ideal for baby's skin


Apply the required quantity without necessarily the use of a sponge.



Hand Cream

A moistening, nourishing and restorative treatment for the skin of the hands. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil only from Century Old Olive Trees softens and helps the skin to keep a better defense against environmental assaults, providing a smooth and velvety appearance. The main ingredient of this treatment is Rosa Mosqueta Oil and Aloe Vera extract, which help to fight the skin's signs of aging.


Apply a small amount of cream and massage it until it is completely absorbed into the skin. 


Daily, for normal, dry and irritated skins.



Body Cream

Ideal for the whole body, the Body Lotion protects and softens the skin, even against redness, keeping it smooth and velvety for long time. The precious presence of Extra virgin Olive Oil from secular olive trees and Vitamin E (Wheat germ Oil, Apricot nut Oil, Macadamia Oil), provide the skin with elasticity and smoothness.

Thanks to the extraordinary decongestant and nutritional characteristics of fresh Aloe Vera extract, this emulsion is recommended to sooth any skin irritations.


• After bathing or showering (for sensitive skins too) • For hands defense and moisturizing • To revitalize dehydrated and wrinkled skin • After peeling, for skin protection and to avoid redness • To eliminate the redness due to irritating agents • Ideal for baby's skin


Apply a small amount of cream and massage it until it is completely absorbed into the skin.

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