Harvest and production process

The oil is produced from olives picked from the best plants and its varieties are "Ogliarola Salentina" and "Cellina di Nardò". The harvest takes place through the shaking of the tree, the olives fall into nets in order to avoid touching the ground. They are washed and placed in big cases and milled within five hours; only in particularly hard periods are they milled within 6 1/2 hours. The olives, picked and taken straight away to the oil-mill, are first of all separated according to their selection and the land they come from, in order to identify the production and the quality of the juice obtained, and also to preserve their fragrances, perfumes, and organoleptic characteristics in the best way possible. This is possible also thanks to packaging in dark green glass. The packing takes place in little batches of dark glasses in order to guarantee the optimal preservation for these and as important element of guarantee for the customer too.



Cazzetta Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made only from the squeezing of the common varieties of "OGLIAROLA" from Lecce and "CELLINA" from Nardò that confers them with an intensive fruited and a slight sensible taste of bitter and pickled. It's excellent for all types of cooking and to cold season all types of dishes, main dishes and all types of meat. Its perfume and sweet taste are more suitable for dishes that need excellent seasonings that will not cover the main taste. The extra virgin olive oil obtained from Ogliarola olives is ideal used can be used in all types of cooking and to season all types of dishes in particular, salads and fish dishes. The extra virgin olive oil obtained from Cellina has a slight sensible taste of bitter and pickled, ideal for raw food recipes.

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