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Secular Olive Oil 500ml


This Limited Edition Secular Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced every year, and is limited in it's production as it comes from very special century old trees some are over 1000 years and still generating fruit. The olives are hand picked mid October into December. The trees are treated with extra care, no shaking like on younger trees, extra is given making sure the olives don't get bruised by letting them fall in special nets and not hitting the ground.

Within 6/12 hours after collection, the olives are crushed and the oil is extracted cold, in a continuous three phase cycle.

The oil comes with a distinctive green color and the smell opens up harmoniously and balanced, with elegant fruity filling and with hints of rosemary and almond. 

The taste is a balance bitter and spicy, pleasing elements especially if for a raw use rich in anti-oxidants, Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Great for exalting the taste of any type of dish, ideal for serving seasoning vegetables, garden salads, boiled fish and grilled fish. 

Secular Extra Virgin Olive oil produced by "The Friends of the Secular Olive Trees" an organization dedicated to the sustainability of these superb trees and ensures only the finest fruit is selected to produce this Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Production Area: Olive trees of Terra d'Otranto.

Cultivar: Cellina di Nardò - Ogliarola Salentina.

Olives Picking: Picked directly from the plant in October and November.

Production: Within 6 hours from olives picking, so as to preserve the aroma of fresh olives.

Flavour: Fruity olive taste, with a particular almond aftertaste. The flavor is full and lively of olive just squeezed.

Colour: Gold-yellow with green tints.

Recommended: Ideal used uncooked, as a finishing touch for flavouring all dishes. It is also excellent with soups.


Data related to a tablespoon (14 ml) Energy values: 120 kcal Protein: 0 Carbohydrates: 0 Fats: - Acids < 0.3% - Saturated 2 - Mono unsaturated 10 - Poly unsaturated 2

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